Thanks to those who put their lives on the line (not just in theory, but for real!) for our protection.

Suresh Reginald

I had a dream about Officer Collier. His immortal soul had left this universe and is with Almighty God in other dimensions transcending space, time and physical limitations.
Like a guardian angel Sean now wields a sword made of lightning. Similar to his life on Earth, Sean is continuing the fight for justice and against evil in the service of our Creator.
I pray that the thoughts and memories of Sean's family and loved ones will be of the happiest and best times that they shared with him.
With much love.

Bob DiMino

R.I.P Sean you will always be remembered by everyone at MIT and were very thankful for all MIT Police for put in there life's at risk protecting our kids!

Artan Cela

Thank you, Sean, for keeping us all safe -- my students, the faculty, our staff, the families and children who live on campus, and even my own children when they visit the Institute. You will be missed, and you will be remembered as strong!
-- Cherie

Cherie Miot Abbanat

Went in today to pay respects.

bill and barb kerr

My daughter, an MIT Freshman, was walking across the MIT campus within within several yards of building 32 within minutes of the shooting of Officer Collier. We as parents have counted on him and his fellow MIT officers to keep our child safe, and while the killing of Officer Collier was a cowardly, senseless act, it occurred as he was doing just that. We grieve for his family and am forever grateful to him.

Laura O'Grady

Our deepest sympathy to Sean's family and friends and to his fellow officers. He will have our undying gratitude for his service and his sacrifice on behalf of the MIT community. May he rest in peace.

Claude & Bridget Canizares, MIT

My condolences to the friends and family of Officer Sean Collier who was tragically lost in the line of duty.

Ciaran D'Arcy

His memory will always be with the MIT spirit.


A human tragedy on a caring loving human being

Bill Murphy

Sean you are a true hero to all of us that put the bade on every day. May you RIP. End of watch.

Shaun Kelly

Thanks for your service in keeping MIT safe. MIT CPs always excel at a difficult job - keeping an urban campus safe, while tolerating a great deal of nonsense and aggravation from the student body. We probably never thought of the CP while at MIT, and it is tragic that we only know take the time to recognize their efforts. Belatedly, thank you to the entire MIT Campus Police force.

Todd Bryan 1990

Thanks for watching out for my Rachel.


My condolences to the family. Died with honor carrying out his duty
My God bless America

Paulo C. Leoni

After some 30 years from graduating from MIT I cannot stop thinking of the special people who made me feel secure during my sunrise returns back to Tang Hall from the Institute. Officer Collier died for the same good cause, the sense of duty which drives every decent person any place he /she asked to serve. May rest in peace, next to war heroes.

Dimitri Daskalopoulos

It is with heartfelt sorrow that I express the condolences of both myself and my husband. We are longtime university police officers ourselves and feel the pain of the entire MIT Police Department and Officer Collier's family. A promising life and career cut short.

Dianna L. Marshall, Captain, The University of Alabama in Huntsville Police Department/Randy Marshall, Retired Sergeant, Rice University Police Department

It is with deep sadness and my sincerest condolences that I write. The MIT campus not only lost an officer and protector, but MIT in whole lost a family member. One who put his life in front of others to serve and protect. May you be comforted knowing that our lives have been enriched by having known and shared the brave and valiant life of Officer Sean Collier.

Ellen Ebacher, MIT/LL

Thank you so much for dedicating your life for others! I deepest sympathy goes out to your family, friends and the Police Department you served in!
You are now among the ranks of the Greats in Heaven!

Julian Sanchez

The members of the MIT Police Force were always friendly and supportive of the student body and their families. They are very special. We didn't know Officer Collier, as our daughter graduated before he joined the force, but we are sure he too was very special. Our condolences to his family and the entire MIT family.

Linda and Gary Kahn

I send my condolences to the friends and family of Officer Collier. Mr. Collier reminds me how the LEO community represents the best in all of us. To sacrifice one's life for the greater good of the human race is the highest calling any individual can have. Hopefully, his family knows he will continue to watch over all of them in the days to come. Never let his memory go, and in your hearts he will live on forever.


"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends." John 15:13

Rest in peace Officer Collier. Our deepest sympathy to your family, your fellow officers, MIT and the Boston community.

Roscoe & Mary Stuart

With deepest sympathy for the Collier family and the MIT Police Department. May Officer Collier memories and eternal love bring you comfort during this difficult time.

Yessenia Gomez

May God watch over you and give your Family strength

Sgt. Gary Kriesen Oberlin College

Thank you for protecting our children.


Very sorry for your family's loss. also for the loss of the MIT police/community of a fine officer. thank you for your sacrifice keeping our campus safe. My son was just around the corner working the desk at his dorm when all this happened. please know our prayers are for you & your family. Sincerely Cathy & Rich Sena

cathy sena