My sincere and warmest sympathy to Officer Collier's family and to the entire MIT police force. My late father was a member of the force for 25 years until his retirement in 1981. Thanks, Officer Collier and the rest of you, for your dedication and service.

Norma Coates

Thank you so much for your service. I am honored to have been a student under your watch.


My prayers are with the family, friends, and fellow law enforcment officers.
As a former campus police officer, though not there iphysically, there in spirit.
No greater love than one who gives his life. God Bless

Steve Duffy

I'm sorry I didn't have the pleasure of knowing such a wonderful and kind person. A truly beautiful soul. My condolences to his family and friends for their loss. May you find peace.

Laura King

My thoughts and prayers go to the family of Sean Collier.

Ayo Olagundoye

My heart is heavy with the untimely demise of Seran Collier. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. You will be missed but not forgotten by MIT family.

As a parent of a student with physical disabilities, there were many concerns for safety when my child enrolled at MIT. My heartfelt thanks to MIT police for all that they do to keep staff and students safe. MIT police have stepped in on more than one occasion when there was an issue with my child's motorized wheelchair. Your kindness and generosity will always be remembered and shared.


As an MIT alumnus, I offer my sincere condolences to the family of Officer Sean Collier who demised most honorably on duty while his killers only gained disgrace with their heinous crime.

Muhamad Khalil Almomen

My condolences to the family, and to everyone in the MIT community. I'm an alum, living in Newfoundland. I was so sad to hear that someone at MIT was affected by the craziness in Boston. But also very moved to hear on the CBC that Sean Collier had been to Newfoundland, and loved Gros Morne, and that the MIT hiking club will be back in his memory. Please know that people are grieving for him from here as well.


To the MIT Police Department with gratitude

Jacopo B.

My sincere condolences to Sean's family friends and co- workers,he is in the arms of Jesus.God bless his family----my prayers are with them

Mary Scheel

A friend of ours, who was a policeman in NYC, Eddie Byrne, was murdered in a similar situation sitting in his police cruiser so we know how difficult and how senseless this was. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sean's family and all of Boston.

The Boyle Family

As a parent of an MIT student, I am grateful to Officer Collier for his service and so sad about him being taken so tragically. Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss.


Every time I see the photo of your son, relative, colleague and friend Sean Collier I am near tears at what a loss this is to you and to our entire community. Every time I learn another detail about him, such as his caring for students and his interest in volunteering to help the homeless, I am inspired by what a great person he was, and what a model he is for all of us. Know that you are all in our hearts and he forever will be in our minds and collective history. Be strong. Thank you all for your service and sacrifices.

Dan G

Thank you Sean. All I've read is about what an outstanding young man you were, about your professionalism, about how well you were liked and admired by your colleagues and by the MIT community. I'm sorry for your family and friends but I'm also sorry for our community. You were one of the good ones. You did the right thing because it came naturally to you, it was part of your DNA. I'm sorry that you were denied a full life but thankful your impact on so many was positive and wonderful. Rest in peace.

An admirer

You are indeed a hero who touched our lives, who was so professional in keeping our campus community safe. You'll be missed by many. Rest in Peace. Condolence to your family and friends - your memory lives on and your personal virtue will be exemplary!


To the Collier family, friends and community graced by Sean - I am truly sorry for your loss. Inspiration is not always easy to find. You are blessed to have such a person in your life, even for a moment. We should all aspire to select, and care as deeply for, our passions as your brother, son, friend, neighbor, colleague, classmate and patriot Mr. Collier did.

Deepest sympathies and warmest of hearts.

Eric Pizzi

Dear Sean,

I cannot imagine how the events of that fateful day may have unfolded had you not intervened. The residents of MIT campus will owe their life to you. Thanks for keeping the campus safe while risking your own life.

Subbu Subramaniam

I have been terribly saddened these past few days. I cannot stop thinking about how supportive the Campus Police were during my years at MIT. Not least when I had broken my ankle one winter and was hobbling across campus to and from MacGregor with crutches on the ice. There was always a CP patrol car to pick me up. I positively suspect that you guys checked out when I had class; you were always there! Just yet another example of the kind of exceptional group you are. My thoughts to you all...

inal (MIT '81)

Few of us go to work knowing that the risk of death is a possibility. Sean did, and in doing so exhibited the quiet bravery of the men who serve their communities. A tragic loss, and my condolences to the Sean's family. Sean is an example to us all of duty and courage.

Anthony Cox

Our sincerest condolences to Officer Sean's family, loved ones, and colleagues.
Thank you.

Rokaya Hassaballa & Family

During my four years living on campus, I had two close, intense encounters encounters with MIT Police and countless interactions in a relaxed setting. All of them led me to the strong belief that MIT has the best campus police force in the nation. My heart goes out to the entire force and to Officer Collier's family.

Tim McConnell, Course 2, 1986

To family and friends of Sean Collier-
Deepest sympathy to you all- as an MIT alumni I was always grateful for the job that the Police Officers did on behalf of the community-My thoughts and prayers with you at this difficult time and we will all keep Sean's memory alive

Edith Harmon Weiss

My very sincere condolences to Officer Collier's family, friends, and colleagues. May fond memories of him soon replace the terrible pain that you must be feeling on his tragic and untimely loss.

Joslin Murphy, Brookline

God bless Sean and the whole family---we need more like him, and a good family made him what he was.

Deepest condolences from the UIniversity of North Georgia.

Preston Coleman

Our sincerest condolences go out to the family, loved ones, and colleagues of Officer Sean Collier. We are not alone in our deep gratitude for his honorable service and sacrifice to the MIT community.

“Proceed, great chief, with virtue on thy side” (Phillis Wheatley-- Boston, 1775)

Black Alumni/ae of MIT (BAMIT)